Bespoke Recipe Development

Gin & Other Spirits Recipe Development

Indian exotic botanicals & our expertise blend to make you something special

Our team can curate award winning recipes, but also be your strategic partner in distilling, packing, and supplying your spirit the world over.

ESD’s team over the years has curated & developed hundreds of gins, rum and other spirits for clients worldwide. Based on your bespoke preferences, our R&D team in ~6 weeks can develop a range of recipes & samples for you to nose, taste and approve.

    1. For Gin, the process starts with your sharing the taste profile you are seeking (e.g. juniper-heavy, London Dry, spicy, citrus-heavy, etc.), and also providing us other Gin samples you would like for us to refer to. A personal video call with our Head Distiller will help you provide a detailed briefing. 
    1. Our R&D team, using European Juniper, and a combination of exotic Indian botanicals, will develop a range of recipes and samples for your review. India for centuries has been the Spice Route of the world and its variety of spices and botanicals is heavenly! On a select basis, international botanicals can be used.
    1. After ~6 weeks, 4-6 samples will be provided in 50ml bottles to nose, and taste with a detailed briefing on the difference in the recipes. Guidance will be provided on how to nose and taste the samples. 
    1. If you select one of the samples, great, then we will move to the next step. If based on the above samples, you would like one more variation, we would be happy to do 1-2 more samples, and provide those over a ~2 week period. 
    1. Once you have finalized your preference, ESD will share with you the detailed recipe, with recommendations on the best way to distill for commercial production.