Concept-to Completion Support Development

Contract Distilling & Packaging Services

From Concept-to-Completion

ESD provides end-to-to end solutions for your distilling and packaging needs.


Based on the recipe developed for you, we are in a position to run small/mid-batch distillation to meet your market needs. ESD uses high quality 96% ABV Extra Neutral Alcohol(ENA) as the distilling spirit and demineralized water besides the botanicals used in the recipe for distilling Gin.

ESD’s world-class Still is from Holstein, Germany, and under the focused supervision of the Head Distiller and an experienced production team, your spirit will be distilled ensuring consistent high quality and taste. A single shot or multi-shot method can be used. The spirit will be stored for a appropriate period of time to ensure best quality before release.

The distilling and blending process for Rum, and other spirits will follow a different approach and can be discussed on a case-to-case basis.

Packaging & Bottling Options

ESD can provide your spirit in bulk capacity food grade containers providing you the option of bottling your product closer to your home market or by your preferred bottler. Alternatively, ESD can bottle, label and carton your spirit ready for retail sales. ESD has a limited but attractive range of bottle & closure options. You can provide your finished labels to us, or alternatively we can organize cost-effective and high-quality labels based on your artwork.

Our bottling line is designed for both short and long bottling runs with active supervision and quality standards.

Logistics and Shipping

ESD will provide your product ready in cartons at our distillery. Other logistics arrangements need to be made by you, though we will be able to recommend 3rd party vendors on the India side for your consideration