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East Side Distillery

Award Winning Recipe & Contract Distilling Solutions

East Side Distillery (ESD) stands as a leading distillery based in Goa, India, and proudly holds the distinction of being the creator of the world's first award-winning Indo-Japanese Gin, Doja.

With a team of curators and distillers boasting global expertise, a state-of-the-art Holstein still, a diverse array of unique Indian and global botanicals and ingredients, and a selection of packaging options, ESD extends its world-class expertise to you. Our commitment is to develop award-winning spirits, execute precise distillation processes, expertly package, and efficiently supply finished products, all aimed at ensuring the success of your brand.

In its second year, DOJA has become a widely preferred premium gin brand. In July ’23, we proudly introduced two new brands to the ESD portfolio –

Portal London Dry Gin – A captivating fusion of ten distinctive botanicals, including the enchanting essence of angelica root, zesty citrus peel, aromatic thyme, vibrant coriander, and an array of other carefully curated botanicals. This artful blend forms the very heart of Portal, transforming it into an exceptional elixir that effortlessly complements classic cocktails.

Nomad Oscuro Dark Rum - A 3-year-old Indian Rum, finished in Jamaican oak barrels and infused with a hint of Hinoki wood chips from Japan. Nomad is an intricately crafted Spanish-style Rum, offering delightful notes of cocoa, spice, caramel, and tropical fruit.

Explore our portfolio of fine curated spirits that you can potentially select from, or customise to your preference. Needless to say, we are also happy to develop a brand new spirit for you.